Budgeting and Planning

Achieve Better Budgeting,
Planning and ROI

Better Understand Your Investments and Returns

IBM Marketing Cloud Budgeting and Planning powered by Allocadia offers powerful budgeting, planning and analytics that connect to your marketing, CRM and Finance systems. Learn more.


Collaborate on Plans

Create and share plans to align corporate strategy, forecast return on investment and predict revenue impact

Create and Manage Budgets

Build and manage global budgets in any currency without cumbersome, disconnected spreadsheets

Optimize Spend

Visualize and analyze spend by connecting budgets to CRM, finance and marketing data

The New CMO Guide: A Handbook for Marketing Leaders

For new marketing leaders the first months are critical, as many organizations expect you to do it all – immediately. By using the framework detailed in this ebook, you’ll position yourself to build a fantastic team and hit your most audacious goals.



Make your organization’s marketing planning process more efficient and strategic. Create, collaborate and share marketing plans that align with your company’s priorities. Forecast the ROI from your plans and predict their revenue impact.

Performance Management

Gain complete visibility into marketing performance. IBM Marketing Cloud Budgeting and Planning integrates with CRM, finance and marketing technology systems and offers powerful analytics, so CMOs can get quick and accurate insights into any aspect of marketing - from plans all the way through to revenue.


Bring your marketing budgets into the cloud. Marketing teams of any size can collaborate to create and manage global budgets in any currency without unwieldy, error-prone spreadsheets. Take the pain out of daily marketing spend management.

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