Lead Management

Capture, Qualify and
Nurture Leads

Capture More of the Right Leads

Close the loop between marketing and sales and drive greater revenue through lead management features that deliver higher-quality leads and decrease customer acquisition costs. Check out these benefits:


Understand Your Customers

Segment and define your ideal buyer so you can target the highest-quality leads

Educate and Engage

Stay top of mind with content that gets and keeps your customers and prospects engaged

Align Sales & Marketing

Leverage behavioral data to establish and improve sales and marketing alignment

Ultimate Guide to Assessing your Digital Marketing Program

In the rush to create the next campaign, many marketers never pause to evaluate how programs are working. Learn how to conduct a self-assessment that enables you to make substantial progress compared to what you'd achieve otherwise.


Lead Nurturing

Automate customer conversations and respond to contact behaviors in real time. Create simple drip campaigns or multi-track workflows using email, direct mail, mobile and telesales with our visual drag and drop campaign editor. Use business rules and logic to optimally route your audience based on their behavior.

Lead Scoring

Monitor engagement levels, stage in the buying cycle and readiness to buy and then use that data to ensure that each contact receives the right content throughout every step in the customer journey.

Landing Pages and Forms

Capture preferences and build customer profiles over time with our intelligent forms. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop form builder to create powerful custom Web pages and forms that maximize data capture and increase conversions.

CRM Integration

Extend the power of the IBM Marketing Cloud to your CRM system. Seamlessly synchronize CRM data and marketing activity to improve the relevance of your marketing programs. Provide CRM users with a clear view into contact activities and interests, and drop contacts into predefined automated nurture programs directly from CRM.

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