Mobile Marketing

Drive Personalized
Mobile Experiences

Effectively Engage with Your Always On-the-go Audience

Capture mobile insights in real time and drive personalized mobile experiences to each contact. Check out these benefits:


Easily Integrate Mobile with Other Channels

Create multistep, cross-channel automated programs and campaigns at each stage of the customer journey

Get a Single View of Your Customer

Combine and connect mobile engagement data with your existing customer profiles for cross-channel analysis, segmentation & targeting

Drive Mobile Engagement

Leverage in-app behaviors, app interest data, and even SMS for a more robust view of your on-the-go audience

10 Tips for Increasing Email and Mobile Engagement

Many companies struggle to deliver a seamless mobile browse-to-buy experience and lack the integrations to optimize interactions across email, SMS and mobile apps. Learn how to enhance customers' mobile experience while driving more revenue across channels.


Mobile Message Rendering & Analytics

Ensure email content is formatted and tailored to each recipient's device type. Easily see which mobile devices, tablets, mail clients and Web browsers your customers are using to engage with your emails.

SMS Messaging

Build SMS campaigns with easy-to-use templates, dramatically reducing time-to-value. Create SMS programs, such as "Text to Join" and "Text for Info," which enable you to easily tap into this powerful channel and deliver on the promise of multichannel marketing.

Push Messaging

Send targeted and engaging push notification campaigns to iOS and Android devices that leverage each customer's unique profile data from all channels, not just mobile.

WeChat Audiences

WeChat is a rapidly growing mobile text and voice messaging service, and with more than 500 million users around the world, chances are your customers are already part of this emerging community.