Real-Time Personalization

Deliver Relevant Content
in Real-time

Test and deliver optimized content driving higher engagement and conversion rates

Highly relevant content drives deeper customer engagement and conversions at higher rates. Test and deliver content tailored to each individual, across multiple channels optimizing your content in the context of the customer’s most valuable interactions.


Precise Content Targeting

Set specific content based on journey stage, personas or customer behavior, or even individual identities for a highly personalized experience

Real-time Testing

Incorporate real-time A/B/n testing capabilities to optimize content across digital channels

Easy to Use and implement

Speed time to ROI with an easy-to-use, fast to deploy, cloud-based application

Creating Real-Time Marketing Campaigns Around Every Behavior

Buyers are tired of irrelevant marketing, but most companies aren't capturing cross-channel buyer behaviors and using them to trigger personalized messaging. Download our white paper and learn how combining a unified database with an interaction engine enables you to deliver individualized communications.


Personalized Content

Deliver journey aligned, personalized content across every digital channel so that each individualhas a uniquely relevant experience, embed individually targeted product and content recommendations in websites, applications and digital communications.


Design and perform A/B/n and multivariate tests of content, offers and creative across channels including web, email, mobile push, applications, and social networks.


Monitoring and management dashboards provide an overview of personalized experiences and high level performance metrics at all times.

Rules Advisor

Easy to use, goal-driven, cognitive engine that can automatically recommends more accurate targeting rules for each piece of available content.

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