Deliver Relevant Recommendations
in Real-time

Deliver Dynamic Recommendations Across Digital Campaigns

Deliver the personalized and engaging experience your customers have come to expect through features that allow you to understand, capture and optimally respond to their preferences and behaviors. Check out these benefits:


Get Your Messages Read

Deliver your messages to the inbox when they are most likely to be opened

Optimize Your Content

Provide highly relevant content in real time

Let the Customer Drive the Conversation

Capture and leverage behaviors to deliver content in the context of the customer journey

Creating Real-Time Marketing Campaigns Around Every Behavior

Buyers are tired of irrelevant marketing, but most companies aren't capturing cross-channel buyer behaviors and using them to trigger personalized messaging. Download our white paper and learn how combining a unified database with an interaction engine enables you to deliver individualized communications.


Real-Time Content

Insert product recommendations or other content into your messages in real time based on contact site activity, purchase history or other attributes.

Dynamic Content

Tailor content based on customer actions to maximize relevance and engagement.

Send Time Optimization

Automate delivery of your message at the exact time (day/hour) that each customer is most likely to be in his or her inbox.

Web Tracking

Capture contact Web activity and interests and use that data to score, segment and target communications to them based on that activity.

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