Social Marketing

Maximize Your Social Presence

Effectively Engage with Your Customers Across Social Channels

Leverage social interactions to better understand and respond to your customers. Check out these benefits:


Integrate Your Communications

Seamlessly connect social into your broader engagement strategy

Automate Social Campaigns

Leverage existing data to execute targeted, automated campaigns that increase engagement and drive revenue

Better Understand and Respond to Contacts

Capture and sync social behaviors back to the Marketing Cloud to interact more effectively with your contacts

3 Tips for Incorporating Social into Your Overall Marketing

The role of social has been undergoing a subtle but serious shift in the last 12 to 18 months. The most progressive marketers remain laser-focused on their top three to four social networks and are much better at creating right-sized content for each network based on very real...


Social Sign-In

Boost registrations by 30-50% by allowing site visitors to sign in with existing social network accounts.

Social Audiences

Reach your target customer and compel them to buy. Then find similar audiences and boost sales even more. Learn more about IBM Social Audiences.


Reach more customers and prospects quicker. Post or schedule posts via the Marketing Cloud to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to coincide with your email sends. Easily share your emails on social networks sites.

Social Behaviors & Analytics

Identify which of your messages have gone viral, track message activity at a granular level and target future campaigns based on that information. See how many times a message has been shared to social networks, viewed and clicked.